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If you smoke 20 of the same brand of cigars a day and have a well developed palate, you will see there are no two cigars the same. Each cigar must be approached as a completely new experience. The best way to enjoy the adventure of smoking cigars is not to dwell on past experiences with a certain cigar, but to experience the one you are smoking now. The cigar is perfection, it desires not. It comes from the earth. It is shaped into a work of art. It gives pleasure to the smoker and the returns to the earth in a full cigar.

1.The cigar is mystical, it cannot be described by words. it must be experienced. It is the evolved essence. It gives without talking.

2. Many manufacturers who don’t understand the cigar like to direct your focus off the essence and distract you with small details, like the flavor and ease in which it comes. Aesthetics are not that important, if the draw does not come easy, then you will not be relaxed while smoking. search for a cigar with an easy draw and fully dimensional flavors that fit your taste at that moment.

3.Be courteous where you smoke. How can you enjoy smoking a cigar if it causes another discomfort? Cigars travel on the path of peace.

4.Cigars give life to many families, yet they do not take, Cigars give pleasure to many, yet they do not desire. Cigars are great work of craftsmanship, but cannot be kept for great lengths of time. From birth to death they flow peacefully with constant change.

5.Cigars enthusiasts understand the simple pleasure of smoking a cigar. The simplest of things cannot be done by words. They must be experienced.

6.Simplicity is more understood when one is relaxed. Slow, deep breathing in and out through the nose down to your lower abdomen is good to do before you smoke a cigar.

7.The tobacco leaf is like a child, fragile and delicate. If you drop a cigar on the floor and it does not brake, you are lucky. It is not because the cigar is unbreakable. All cigars fall apart, no matter what manufacturer makes them. Treat them like a child or spouse. Protect them. Give them the temperature and the humidity they need. Care for them with gentleness and respect.

8.The cigars does not follow great people. Great people follow the cigar. It is because of it’s nature, peace.

9.Dulling your senses while smoking a cigar does not make sense to me. If you smoke a cheap cigar, that’s one thing. But if you are a cigar enthusiast, you want your senses sharp and clear.

10.The cigar you smoke is a reflection of yourself. How you see the way you are. Just as the way you see others around you is the way you are.

11.Breathe the smoke into the mouth. Never inhaling, Allow the palate to absorb the delicate flavors and dimensions, then allow the flavors of the leaf to slowly drift out of the mouth. There is great pleasure in softness.

12.Some people feel that they need to be nervous or tense because they think that it keeps them sharp or motivates them, But the cigar enthusiasts know calmness and relaxation while working is the best way to accomplish things on a higher level. Isn’t it true, while many creative geniuses worked, they smoke cigars?

13. As you breath in the smoke, relax the body, as you allow the smoke to drift out, let all your thoughts, opinions and judgments disappear.

14.Softness is the way of the cigar, patience is it’s virtue. Great beings throughout time have followed these characteristics and have achieved many great wonders.

15.People reach for the unreachable and become depressed. There are no perfect cigars, just as there are no perfect relationships. Accept the imperfections and decide if you can live with them or not, if a cigar had a hard draw, to me it is like a person with a closed mind, not willing to grow and accept change. Now can I live with that and still grow and experience life myself?

16.Seeing bad and good is not the way of understanding the cigar. You choose a cigar by what fits your time schedule, budget, and taste, at the same time. With me, a cigar with a hard draw, and flavor not to my taste, at that time, is not worth smoking. Sometimes when you buy a cigar, it just doesn’t fit you at the moment. Don’t allow yourself to be upset about the money or time wasted, just let it go. Things come in waves and cigars do, too.

17.A little breathing technique that I use in between smoking: put the tip of your tongue on the soft palate of the roof of your mouth behind the bone directly behind the teeth, take a deep breath in and bring it though your nose, down to your belly button. When you breathe in, bring your stomach in. As you exhale, allow you stomach to expand. You can also count the seconds as you breath in and out. Start out with 5 seconds in, and 5 seconds out build up to 10 more as you go along. This has helped many I know to stay focused and relaxed. As the mind becomes more calm, you will see things more clearly.

18.I am a simple man. I have a human body. I have the senses of the body. Through interaction with people and things around me, I learned many lessons in life. The eyes want vision. The mouth wants flavors. The ears want sound. The body wants feelings. The mind wants peace. That is the nature of the human condition. The cigar can give you these things if you flow with it. The cigar will teach you just by its own nature.

19.Enjoying and flowing with the cigar is what this book is about. When I eat well, my mind and body are relaxed, That’s the way I choose to be. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables with a balanced amount of fish and meat. In that way, I get that full experience of the cigar each time I choose to smoke.

20.If you smoke cigars and you haven’t found a partner, or someone you are regularly intimate with. I would find someone compatible with the cigar. The cigar should not be another thing to pull a couple apart. You want to be able to share your life experiences with them, not shut them out of your life. There are many enjoyable things cigar couples do. The adventure of finding and tasting different cigars together can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. If you are with someone and they do not partake in your enthusiasm for the cigar, then be considerate. The cigar is great, but if you have a relationship that is really working, then enjoy the experience without forcing your partner to be a part of it. Life has many things already that pull is apart. Don’t let cigars be one of them.

21.I was very young when I started smoking cigars. But in my youth, I never took a cigar out of the house for just my self. When I went out, I made sure I had enough to share in case I met a fellow enthusiast. I know some people might be in a tight economic situation, but the more you give and share with others, the more you receive.

22.The essence of the cigar is perfection, but it’s body is imperfection. Just as the human sprint is perfection, the human body is imperfection. So the same way the human sprint evolves through its imperfection. The cigar is still in the processes. So that’s why I live in the essence and work with the imperfection. That is evolution.

23.Although the body of the cigar is burned away, its essence still lives on. You can feel its presence after you have smoked a cigar; in the mind. Even after the ashes have been laid to rest, the cigar lives on.

24. Cigar enthusiasts talk about the weight of the cigar, and I understand where they coming from. If you smoke a heavy cigar and you have a hard draw, the pleasure of the tobaccos can be lost. A good draw and good flavor make a great cigar for me. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to cigars, so what do I know?

25.Consistency. The only real consistency in life is change. A lot of so-called aficionados have been sold on the generic cigar. There are so many variables, that to demand consistency on the vary high end cigar is unrealistic. There is so little consistency in the high end flavorful tabacco, that is it impossible to achieve consistency

26.I don’t try to make a lot of cigars. I try to make good cigars. You only have so much time in your life. You can only afford to give a small amount of quality time, the rest will have to have less quality time with you. If you want to share quality time with people you know, then you could only deal with a few poeple. Just as it is with the cigar.

27.One day after I told the rollers the downfalls of rolling cigars while angry, frustrated, depressed and other emotional states, one of them came to me smoking one of his favorite cigars he asked me,”How do i get rid of my emotions?” my reponse was simple. “When that cigar lets go of you, then i can tell you.”

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