Lars Tetens is a man of so many talents he has been dubbed by his admirers as a contemporary Leonardo Da Vinci. People ranging from high-profile celebrities to politicians and presidents of Fortune 500 companies have retained him as their consultant on many varying projects, and are among his abundant admirers.

Lars Tetens is recognized as the authentic and original cigar maker to reintroduce the world to a unique conditioning process technique, using essential oils and botanicals. Since 1979 Lars Tetens has been renowned in the cigar world for his innovative and exotic premium cigars.

Words from LARS

If you smoke 20 of the same brand of cigars a day and have a well developed palate, you will see there are no two cigars the same. Each cigar must be approached as a completely new experience. The best way to enjoy the adventure of smoking cigars is not to dwell on past experiences with a certain cigar, but to experience the one you are smoking now. The cigar is perfection, it desires not. It comes from the earth. It is shaped into a work of art. It gives pleasure to the smoker and the returns to the earth in a full cigar.  

Many manufacturers who don’t understand the cigar like to direct your focus off the essence and distract you with small details, like the flavor and ease in which it comes. Aesthetics are not that important, if the draw does not come easy, then you will not be relaxed while smoking. search for a cigar with an easy draw and fully dimensional flavors that fit your taste at that moment.

The tobacco leaf is like a child, fragile and delicate. If you drop a cigar on the floor and it does not brake, you are lucky. It is not because the cigar is unbreakable. All cigars fall apart, no matter what manufacturer makes them. Treat them like a child or spouse. Protect them. Give them the temperature and the humidity they need. Care for them with gentleness and respect. 

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